HSLKP initiates first ever ‘Pamaskong Handog’ to MSEUF admin


Unlike the usual gift giving during Christmas season HSLKP through the 59th Grand Council instigated a unique activity of giving gifts to administrators of the university, the first ever among student organizations dubbed as ‘Pamaskong Handog 2016’.

Last Dec. 13, simple giveaway gifts were given to university heads not only to extend the Christmas greetings of the honor society but also served as token for the utmost and continuous support to the organization since it was established until now.

Offices given were as follows: University President, VP for Academics, VP for Administration, VP for External Relations, Office of Student Affairs (OSA), Univ. Registrar, Alumni Relations, Chief Accountant, Internal Auditor, Univ. Treasurer, Property Custodian, Faculty Training and Development and Security Office and various academic Deans.

“This is just a proof that our honor society recognized the university that has been one of the reasons why we are still existing,” said Phian Archquiel, Grand Monarch.