Frat-Soro Seminar highlights OSA’s Greek day


In order to promote the true meaning of fraternity and sorority, the Honor Society of the Lambda Kappa Phi in cooperation with the Kappa Delta Omega Sorority initiated a Fraternity-Sorority Awareness Seminar as additional activity to the OSA’s Greek day held at AEC Little Theater, MSEUF, Nov. 18.

Phian Felix “siam” Ayala, Jr., the invited speaker of HSLKP.

Envisioned to assist the young about the reality about fraternities and sororities, the seminar featured a two-phased discussion about living a fraternity and a sorority life, apiece. Phian Rev. Felix “siam” Ayala, Batch 2003 tackled how he took courageously the challenge of becoming a phian and how faith plays a very important role in such. Omegan Gellie Mare E. Flores, on the other hand discussed the benefits and advantages of living as a sorority member.

Phian Rev. Felix “siam” Ayala discussed how the faith he has helped him surpass all the challenges before acquiring Phianhood and being a member, itself. He talked about how the HSLKP turned him from one simple boy to a greater and principled man, as how he is now.

Omegan Gellie Mare E. Flores, discussed, on the other hand, the great things that have come when she joined the KDO sorority. The benefits of being part of sororities, she said, do not lie only in the school premises. She said that even on little things, the effect of being in a sorority could be felt.

The event was well participated by select Grade 10 students and student governments of different high schools in Lucena City. Initially, the students posted their insights and perceptions regarding fraternities and sororities. Perplexed and unaware they may have seemed, the discussions about fraternities and sororities went on.

The whole team behind the Fraternity-Sorority Awareness seminar.

In general, the seminar served as a torch that not just to enlighten the participants with the real essence of fraternities and sororities but also a torch that made the organizers feel the warmth of being with other organization of the same principles.

Photos of alumni who participated in OSA’s Greek Day.