59th GC visits alumni brothers with Christmas carols


In order to extend Christmas spirits to alumni brothers the 59th Grand Council conducted a Christmas carols from Dec. 19-23, last year.

As a tradition active members visit houses of alumni brothers not only to offer Christmas songs and extend season’s greetings but also to mingle and invite in the annual year-end gathering.

The grand council went to brothers who live within Lucena. Some of the alumni brothers they visited are as follows: Phian Zyir, Phian Arcade, Phian King, Phian Tom, Phian Rene, Phian Macques, Phian Sandy, Phian Willie, Phian Andy, Phian Fernan, Phian Nervy and Phian Beejy.

Aside from the various Christmas carols, the active members sung the Lambda Kappa Phi Hymn to the visited Phian in order to introduce that they are brothers in the Lambda Kappa Phi. In some cases, alumni brothers joined the grand council in singing the hymn.

After the caroling, the grand council collected a total amount of 5,500.00. Funds collected will be used in preparation of the upcoming year-end gathering (HSLKP Christmas Party). Excess funds serves as the council’s fund that will support the upcoming activities of the fraternity.