The True Meaning of the Greek Letter LKP


by:Arnel L. Cadeliña, Batch 1985

When Lambda Kappa Phi was founded in 1957 the country then was forced by the Americans to agree on numerous conditions as a requirement for the Philippines to receive war reconstruction assistance (Jose, 2006) . The heavy hand of the Americans were seen when our country’s became heavily dependent of imported products mainly coming from, of course, the United States who was allowed to enter the country without tariffs and forcing the Philippines not to change its exchange rate from $1 is to P2 (Bloomspresidents,2010). President Carlos Garcia felt that we need to rely on our own products that he introduced innovations which gave confidence to Filipinos to pursue meaningful activities.

In Luzonian Colleges the college students were not spared to pursue meaningful activities and the three letters from the Greek alphabet influenced bright young students to establish the first fraternity in the campus. Lambda Kappa Phi was born in 1957. Heavily influenced by the first American fraternity Phi Beta Kappa (Blake,2007) formed with the idea that it would be dedicated to the pursuit of intellectual fellowship and education.

Today, as Phians we need to re-visit the real purpose why the fraternity was founded. Our training and initiation should mean to incorporate elements of critical thinking, diverse experiences, and challenging and enriching interactions with each other and also to people outside our fold. Past researches are numerous to pinpoint that involvement in a fraternity or sorority has had some positive and negative effects. If we dwell on the negative ones there will be no Lambda Kappa Phi ten years from now that is why we need to strengthen the positive. My thesis then is for the Phians to do these positive and achievable goals:

  1. Develop Practical Competence
  2. Develop Personal and Social Development
  3. Develop General Education

In practical competence, Phians should take initiative to acquire Knowledge (Construction, Integration and Application), understand it and to connect it to other knowledge, ideas and experiences. Invite alumni and other experts outside the fold in a symposium, hear their experience, taste their success, learn from their failures and connect it to your own goals. Be creative, be reflective, be constructive in thinking. That is why you as a Phian is different from the rest.

In Personal and Social Development you have to be an aggressive believer of Ethics and Integrity, Personal Responsibility and Spiritual Awareness. You have to have a reading sessions on ethics, values and spiritual development. Do not discuss religion but pick up good ideas from good teachers such as Christ, Mohammed, Aristotle, Aquinas and even Ron Blue. Do not forget your Health and Wellness by initiating sports fest for all and please include alumni.

The last one is developing your general education. Do not limit your learning from your chosen career. How many will be the next Demosthenes Baronia or Vladimir Nieto who are good in Public speaking/ Presentation skills, how many will be the next Raynell Andal Inojosa who is pursuing Technological Competence abroad, how many will be the next Rey Solano who can manage personal affairs/daily life as well as influences others, how many will be managing Career and developing it at the fullest like Nap Matienzo and how many will demonstrate love of the fraternity like Larry Babilonia. We do not know. But the few names I mentioned are Phians who fully developed their education outside their chosen career.

Then being Phians we beat our own drums and carry our own skill set which means we can contribute in our own ways.

Be true then to the Greek Letter word LKP and we will be relevant for a very long time.

Happy Anniversary!

Arcade Batch 1985


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