HSLKP 59TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION : Glasses clinked. Wrists clicked. Phians cliqued


Atop the Queen Margarette Downtown building gathered the Grand Council, alumni, and guests for the celebration of the 59th founding anniversary of the beloved Honor Society of the Lambda Kappa Phi. The well-groomed men and women, Phians and guests, young and grown-ups modestly splurged on a solemn yet fun March 19 evening that highlighted the bond that ties Dr. Cesar Villariba and Phian Kael Bautista, the youngest Phian brother, and certainly everyone in between. It was, at simplest, a great night.

The red carpet laid at the middle of the hall witnessed the similarity the soles of every Phian brother has. The tables were catered not only with savoring menu but also with delightful chats and talks. The stage was set showcasing the merit the members demonstrate for the past year. The room was set alight by—aside from the glistening light bulbs—fine distinction only Phians could understand.

Phian Monching Flores, the resource speaker for the celebration, expressed a gust of matters about the HSLKP back then and things the future HSLKP awaits. As the night deepened, as more drinks were slurped, and as Phian Monching’s talk intensified, the atmosphere inside the room got profounder, complementing the brotherhood among every Phian.

Glasses clinked. Wrists clicked. Phians cliqued. The evening that —at my first thought— was supposed to be a simple 59th anniversary celebration turned into a flint that ignited a dee.

Moments during the 59th Anniversary (March 14, 2016)

Moments during the 59th Anniversary Ball at Queen Margaret Down Town