GM’s Corner


Being elected as the Grand Monarch of the 59th Grand Council is important to me because it shows that the council believes that I can also serve as a leader of our beloved fraternity.

It is also a privilege for me to show what kind of leadership I have within me and specially to apply the lessons and knowledge I gained when I was an initiate.

Handling the preparation of the 60th anniversary is a tough challenge for me and to the council. Road to our 60th anniversary is going to be roughed and we may face many challenges and obstacles that will test our determination to have a successful event. I know that these trials and difficulties we are going to face will be stress-free for us if we have trust and support to the working committee.

Also, if we help each other, I assure that we would have a successful and unforgettable 60th anniversary celebration. We owe a lot of things to our beloved fraternity because it has taught us a sense of discipline and responsibility.

It also molded us to become a good follower so we could be a great leader. It shows us that we should have respect and humility at all times. It trained us how to handle different kinds of situations. Most importantly, HSLKP has given us this ultimate bond that we have.

With all these things, let us return the favor by making our 60th anniversary celebration a grandest event. Let us all gather and prepare for our upcoming anniversary to show our fraternity that we care for it.

Let us help and guide each other so a successful event will be on its way.