Phians at 60: Solid and Relevant

Arnel L. Cadeliña, Batch ‘84-B and Jerome R. Suarez, Batch ‘92


It is not an ordinary day when the sun rises at 6:10AM of March 14, 2017. Hundreds of faithful Phians scattered all over the world will be put on a situation where they are not at ease. Those who are Philippine based will take a leave of absence or the lucky captains of industries will just excuse themselves to attend an event that will rekindle their spirit for the fold. Thinking as one with the same shared path of the initiation starting with the agony of the 1st kick, the hell nights of the 2nd kick, the sand burying in the baptismal, the humbling beggar stage, the banyuhay connections, the last jump of the acceptance, the passionate election battles in the student council and the young love with a Phianette or, for some lucky alpha Phian, a true love with a Fraternity Sweetheart will suddenly revisit memories longing to the pain and joy of being a brave youth and a Phian.


So March 14, 2017 was the day where rainbow of batches gathered in the holy ground of Saint Ferdinand Cathedral for the motorcade. The mingling of the proud old and the hopeful young with their boisterous laughter and insightful jokes were freely given. Phian Carlito “zedrick” Rodriguez of Batch 2006A advising active brothers, Phian Rommel “more” Sevilla of Batch 1993B distributing balloons, Phian Virgilio “buddie” Lagumen of Batch 68 jokingly used the microphone for Phians to behave, Phian Aristeo “bobbie” Fegalquin from Batch 72B acting as the usual comedian on photo shoots, Phian Cesar “chino” Pacinos, the Chairman of the 60th Anniversary Celebration Executive Committee and belonging to Batch 87, serving as a true Phian by leading the troop and Pillar Bernardo “bernie” Jamilla of Batch 57 spicing up the motorcade event. Only LKP can gather generations of achievers without the awkward gap. You can feel the bond as one locked hands with Phian Bernie, wearing the blue shirt as if it will be his last, and the heat of the sun treated as irrelevant as photo opportunity escalated.


When the smoked of getting-to-know you subsided, more than 20 vehicles rolled in the motorcade as they travelled to the center of the city akin to announcing the arrival of Nero to Rome. The 62 Phians touched down first at the monument of the late Manuel S. Enverga, where the MSEUF Band and the snappy ROTC Officers noisily welcomed the band-of-brothers.  Manuel S. Enverga should have been proud of his alumni Phians as they paid respect thru a formal wreath laying with the officers of the University, Ms. Sylvia Avila, Director of Office of Scholarship, Job Placement and Alumni Relations and the Assistant Vice President for External Relations, Mr. Celso Jaballa assisting Phian Chino Pacinos and Pillar Bernie Jamilla. The officers of the university were obviously impressed by the number of attendees and the dedication shown by the Phians.


After the homage to the MSEUF Founder, the day’s activities were blessed by a holy mass held at the St. Bonaventure chapel by Phian Father Felix “siam” Ayala, Jr. of Batch 2003, a Catholic priest. In his homily, he said that in the beginning of his seminary days the motto “We Shall Not Fail” bothered him because the priesthood trained him to embrace humility. But later on he understood that the motto “We Shall Not Fail” was actually not referring to individuals but to the Phians as a collective whole. Fr. Ayala said that “if we work together, we can defeat failures because our collective effort will mean realization of our goal”, hence the line, we shall not fail.


After the mass, the Phians took a leisurely walk, passing thru the memorable Banyuhay Bridge where countless of “IFs” were recited amidst the look of friends and foes and where LKP’s trademark kissing-of-the-ground pushups occurred to the amazement of ladies passing by. Truly trailblazers, the Phians were welcomed in the executive room by former Quezon Province Governor Wilfrido Enverga and the current MSEUF President Nalia E. Leveriza. The top University Officers in their upbeat mood mentioned, without a blink in their eyes, that the Lambda Kappa Phi (LKP) was such a remarkable organization, that in the university, LKP created histories that made the fraternity an outstanding one.

The group once again converged at the Banyuhay Bridge for a memorable photo opp to the bridge that not only stood as a prime reminder of the various connections made among brothers, but also the important symbolism of “crossing over”.


Eager faces trooped inside the Dr. Tobias Y. Enverga Alumni Center for the Luncheon Meeting and formal opening of the day’s activities. More laughter and cheers were heard from the crowd as differing batches mingled and took pictures to no end.

Phian Alex “alex” Calma, the moderator of the program, sounded off the alarm that started the formal program, the invocation and singing of the National Anthem followed suit. Phian Chino began with a high-setting mode in calling out all guest and fellow brothers in a fashion he knew how. Not to be overshadowed, the 59th Grand Council Grand Monarch, Mark Steven “archquiel” Enriquez, complemented Phian Chinos’s energy in introducing his Council Officers and Members, and pronounced their faithful support to the alumni’s cause. Pillar Bernie thereafter delivered his Anniversary Message with much gusto and enthusiasm. He recollected how the values he sifted out of being a Phian had helped him firmly grounded despite what he had achieved. Next, it was Pillar Leandro “lindy” Garcia’s time to express his message. He went down memory lane and recalled how he and Pillar Bernie came about creating their legacy, that is, Lambda Kappa Phi. That no matter how others claimed they were the number one chapter recognized by Luzonian Colleges (then), the fraternity humbly maintained to be number zero because it’s no secret LKP breathe into life first when no other fraternity ever hoped to come out.

Over the past few months, LKP had been collecting books intended to be donated at the Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation (MSEUF) Main Library. By being book-lover themselves, Phians were fully aware of the sole importance of reading and of the value that access to books was of extreme importance in the development of the minds of the youth. The warm reception and the generous support from fellow alumni brothers, organizations and members of the community had made it possible for the fraternity in sourcing up 160 books ranging from leadership and motivational books, self-help and guide books, engineering and technical books, business and accounting books, journals and a host of other non-fiction books. The ceremonial turn-over of the books was carried out by Phian Chino and Phian Archquiel on LKP part, and on the MSEUF side, was the University Chief Librarian, Dr. Augusta Rosario Villamater. Principal witnesses to the hand-over were Pillar Lindy, Pillar Bernie, MSEUF President Naila Enverga, Assistant Vice President Evelyn Abeja (Administration) and Assistant Vice President Celso Jaballa (External Relations). The school’s response on the donation was delivered by President Enverga who thanked the fraternity for its simple yet rewarding gift, and her articulating her anticipation of seeing more glorious years of existence of the group, not to mention how she missed the anniversary messages of Pillars Lindy and Bernie.

Afterwards, Pillar Bernie delivered a poignant closing spiel centering on the pillar formed by the eventual meeting of a stalactite and a stalagmite inside the cave, which may took hundreds or more years to form, or if both formations would ever meet at all. The gist of it all was that a pillar may be hard to come by but maybe it’s high time that new pillars (fellow brothers) come forward to boost further the beauty and sturdiness of the cave (the fraternity). Part one of the event closed with the singing of the Fraternity Hymn.


The election of the new set of officers of the HSLKP Alumni Association was the second part of the program. Phian Ruben “mayor benny alikbati” Rodriguez methodically conveyed the election process. Through secret voting, 35 names were called and after tallying the votes, the following Phians were included in the magic 15 who will compose the Board of Trustees:

Phian Hilario “beejy” Babilonia                                      –           37 (no. of votes)

Phian Cesar “chino” Pacinos                                           –           36

Phian Noel “noel’ Palomar                                               –           35

Phian Johnny “jolly” Pasatiempo                                   –           35

Phian Carlito “zedrick” Rodriguez                                  –           35

Phian Raymond “arby” Bermudez                                 –           29

Phian Ruben “mayor benny alikbati” Rodriguez        –           28

Phian Jerome “arth” Reuma                                           –           26

Phian Jaime “junar” Pasatiempo, Jr.                             –           24

Phian Jerome “rom” Suarez                                            –           24

Phian Arellano “aries” Abas                                            –           23

Phian Angelo “gino” Arandela                                        –           20

Phian Rommel “more” Sevilla                                         –           20

Phian Jose Vladimir “emeer” Nieto                               –           19

Phian Raffy “rap-rap” Laureles                                       –           14


The 15-man Board then formed a caucus to elect among themselves the officers. It was decided that an Interim Set of HSLKP Alumni Association Officers be created until such time that clarity would be at hand regarding the by-laws of the Association. There were realignment of position titles and was agreed that those who would not fill the executive positions will automatically became members of the Board of Directors. The election smoke settled down and the results were:

Chairman and President:             Phian Cesar “chino” Pacinos

Vice Chairman and Executive Vice President: Phian Jaime “junar” Pasatiempo, Jr.

Internal Vice President:                Phian Carlito “zedrick” Rodriguez

External Vice President:                Phian Ruben “mayor benny alikbati” Rodriguez

Secretary:                                         Phian Jerome “rom” Suarez

Treasurer:                                         Phian Hilario “beejy” Babilonia

Auditor:                                             Phian Angelo “gino” Arandela

The day was capped off, after sharing a wonderful meal and a great program/election, with yet another groovy group photo.