LKP former stud-leaders grace 1st MSEUF UCSC Alumni Homecoming


As a proof of the fraternity’s commitment to excellence in leadership, Phians who in their school days served as officers of the University Collegiate Student Council (UCSC) attended its first Alumni Homecoming last February 4 at Tobias Y. Enverga, Sr. Alumni Center, MSEUF.

Showing their strong dedication towards inspiring present student leaders on the value of service that the fraternity has honed in them, half of the attendees were Phians. A total of 16 Phians graced the aforesaid event.

Out of the 9 former UCSC Presidents present, 5 were LKP brothers namely, Phian Jhonny ‘jolly’ Pasatiempo (1999-2000), Phian Felix ‘siam’ Ayala, Jr. (2005-2006), Phian Raymond ‘arby’ Bermudez (2007-2008), Phian Giovanni ‘wilvin’ Losloso (2011-2012) and Phian Winfred ‘simon’ Libatique (2014-2015).

Former UCSC Presidents, where most are Phians.

Aside from the former UCSC presidents, other LKP former and present UCSC Officers were in attendance namely, Phian Gem ‘jepoy’ Presas, Phian Geofrey ‘nervy’ del Rosario, Phian Javerson ‘jason’ Uy, Phian Abrhaim ‘abra’ Ranuda, Phian Ace Rodson ‘marcus’ Igloria, and Phian Ivan Seth ‘chito’ Camara. Some of the active members also graced the event namely, Phian Mark Steven ‘archquiel’ Enriquez, Phian Francis ‘koko’ Bolala, Phian Kiel Amiel ‘kian’ Valdepeña and Phian Kenneth Kier ‘kiko’ Reyes.

Former and current Heavenly Princesses were also present in the event. Ms. Leah Bermudez, the wife of Phian Arby was a former Heavenly Princess of HSLKP and UCSC Councilor (2006-2007). Together with her is the current Heavenly Princess and UCSC President, Ms. Joanne Paguio.

The nostalgic event was highlighted by the testimonials of representatives from each council year. Aimed at knowing each member of the UCSC family through the years, officers shared their story and history that bring back the good old days. Different stories were shared but one common denominator surfaced – that everyone cherished his/her experience that formed a big part of who he/she is now.

Games and jolly presentations were also prepared by the current officers that made the event even more cheerful and colorful.

Members of MSEUF Administration also graced the said homecoming namely, Ms. Sylvia Avila, the Director of Alumni, Job Placement and Ms. Evelyn Abeja, Assistant Vice President for Administration. Each gave her words of gratitude to the attendees.

The 1st UCSC Alumni Homecoming was a part of the MSEUF 70th Anniversary Celebration.

Phians who attended the First MSEUF UCSC Alumni Homecoming.