Phian alumni sponsor 4th, 5th general meetings


The preparation for the 60th anniversary celebration of the Honor Society of the Lambda Kappa Phi fortified as the series of meetings sponsored by some the organization alumni continued.

Candelariahin Phians including Phian Edwino “dinno” Lucila, Phian Arellano “aries” Abas, and Phian Renato “nier” Pavon hosted the 4th general meeting held at Phian Bambi’s residence at Peter Paul Compound, Candelaria, Quezon, September 24, 2016.

Accumulated funds raised during the 4th meeting was used to strengthen the preparations. The HSLKP accomplished its 5th general meeting at Food Mix Restaurant, Lucena City on Oct. 22, 2016.

The Executive Committee for the preparations for the 60th anniversary of the HSLKP, headed by Phian Cesar “chino” Pacinos as the Chairman, in cooperation with the 59th Grand Council of the organization spearheaded the general meetings and tackled on businesses for the development of the anniversary preparation.

The HSLKP continues to reinforce its preparation for its 60th anniversary celebration through the continual series of meetings held in different venues from time to time.


Some shots from the 3rd Meeting for 60th Anniversary Celebration.