Invitation to all PHIANS



Honor Society of the LAMBDA KAPPA PHI

Dear Brods:

Our warmest felicitations!

Certainly, March 14 of each year can hardly be missed as a red-letter day for us Phians.  And this year, we are proud to announce that we are celebrating our 60th Founding Anniversary on a higher note, with vigor, and reflective of our fraternity’s long tradition of ‘leadership and excellence’ as well as this year’s theme: ‘Reaching Greater New Heights’.

Among the highlights of our celebration are some worthy ‘on-campus activities’ started early on by our active brothers until its culmination on the March 14 D-day.  This will be capped by a Grand Anniversary Ball on 18th day of March at the Queen Margarette Hotel-Downtown at 6:00 in the evening which shall also serve as a homecoming for our alumni brothers.

We enjoin all the members, here and abroad, to come and celebrate with us as we relive the good old memories of our 60 years past.  Needless to say, we are exerting hard efforts to make these red-letter days successful and memorable, more so with your support and participation.

The schedule of events and details of the program for your perusal and guidance can be see here (link to the list of activities).

For your inquiries and concerns, please feel free to communicate with any of the following:

Phian Chino Pacinos – CP No.09175101118

Phian Archquiel Enriquez – CP No. 09129750589

 We shall be counting on you, dear brother.  This is the time to let that ‘Phian spirit’ of solidarity and fraternal bond strengthen our enduring brotherhood. Best of all, let that old battlecry resonate once more- “We Shall Not Fail!”


Yours sincerely,



Grand Monarch, 59th Grand Council



Chairman, Executive Committee

LKP 60th Anniversary Celebration